How I Chose My Blog Name

Good Afternoon, my wonderful readers!

I decided that for this blog post I would talk about how I picked my blog name, Byrd of Passage, and what that means to me as well as the focus of my blog.

Before starting my blog, I did a lot of research about blogging from writing posts, photography tips, design elements, and making money through your blog. Obviously, I still have a lot to do before my blog can take off, but there are a lot of articles about picking your blog niche and the importance of your blog’s name.

I took this to heart and put a lot of brain power into what my blog would be called. I obviously wanted to put my name into the title of my blog as it would focus on my style and adventures. I played around with a lot of names relating my first and last name along with travel and fashion words.

The first name idea I came up with was The Byrd Book because my blog would be a creative journal about my experiences and I like to read, but I thought it would confuse my readers because this blog wouldn’t be about books. It was a creative outlet featuring me, so I got rid of that idea and went another direction.

I used words like fashion, style, Vogue, chic, classy, trend, and travel phrases like wanderlust, wander, explore, adventure, compass, and many others. I liked the name Byrdie as a version of my last name, and I even came up with a name, Wander by Byrdie, that I liked a lot because it combined wander (the travel component), by (think of a brand like Calvin by Calvin Klein), and Byrdie, being me! It put all the elements together for me, but I got rid of it because there is a website called Byrdie that I worried would get confused with my blog.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 4.45.17 PM

So I had to let the Byrdie idea go and restarted my naming process.

I wanted my blog to focus on my fashion and travel experiences, a lifestyle blog centered around those two aspects of my life, and I feel that Byrd of Passage really hinges on these for me.

Bird turned into Byrd to personalize to my last name to maintain my blog focus. A bird of passage is a traveler who doesn’t stay long in one place and I really liked how that idea could be brought into my blog theme.

I love to travel and plan to visit many different places around the world so it obviously fit into that aspect of my blog, but it also worked really well with the fashion idea. Trends and high fashion change and shift all the time as designers have new visions and create different products, the same idea of short bursts before something brand new that is just like the definition of bird of passage.

The blog name also worked really well with my personality as before travel, fashion, and photography, I never really had a set hobby that I loved and I tried a lot of different things from painting, pottery, soccer, and tennis before I discovered what I loved to do most. I was a bird of passage in this sense as I didn’t stick with one thing too long before picking up the next hobby until I found photography, got into fashion, and realized I could handle a long plane flight.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 9.06.04 PM

Byrd of Passage captured who I was before I discovered my passion and embraces the adventurous spirit and curiosity I wanted to show through my blog. It was originally me and most importantly, no one had the same domain as me which was also an essential for when I make the jump to paying for my blog.

My advice for those who want to pick their blog name is that you should love it and make it personalized to you. Reflect on what’s important to you and write out keywords in different areas that you want to include on your blog. Start putting words together and you should be able to get a name you love.

There’s also nothing wrong with using just your name either! I might have ended up using mine if I hadn’t played around with other blog names and gotten Byrd of Passage.

Stay true to who you are and what you want to blog about to find a name and niche you love.

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