My Top 9 Favorite Eyeshadow Palettes

Hello Byrdie Readers!

I’m giving short reviews of my favorite eyeshadow palettes, all 9! At the end, I’ll categorize them so you can take a look and see if they may be additions to your collection as well.



Too Faced Natural Eyes

This palette is my everyday go to and is hands down one of my makeup staples! It’s a relatively simple palette with very neutral shades of brown, pink, and gold, and just as the name specifies, it’s perfect for a natural eye. The shade of white is called Heaven for a reason and I use it practically every time I do my eyeshadow. I love the shades of brown in this palette as they’re subtle and get the job done. I adore the color Push-Up because it is a lovely dark pink that has some sparkle but isn’t too much. Honey Pot is a perfect neutral gold and I like using Silk Teddy for the inner corner of my eye.

I’ve almost completely used up my current palette and want to buy a new one because of how much I use it. I’d recommend getting Too Faced Natural Eyes if you are looking for a fairly neutral palette with a hint of sparkle. I wouldn’t purchase if you want a fairly dramatic look from these colors or aren’t a fan of sparkle as most of them do have a little shine. It never bothers me and I use this palette nearly every day for school.



Naked 3

I got Naked 3 for Christmas this year I really love it! There are so many shades of pink with some sparkly options as well. It is a fairly neutral palette and they are pigmented but not extremely obnoxious. I like how they pair with my green eyes and I know this palette will become part of my everyday routine. They aren’t peachy, which was one of my concerns since that orange-ish color isn’t my favorite. The colors Liar, Factory, and Limit are my favorites.

The only cons for me on this palette is that some of the sparklier colors lose their shine over time when you wear them and that the brush that comes with the palette is not one of my favorites. I’d recommend getting this palette for more of an everyday look especially with pinks being popular lately.



Tartelette Toasted

The palette itself is so cute! I love the tortoise and gold combination so much! The toasted palette is very warm with a variety of orange and brown colors. I got it very recently and tried out some of the colors, which I ended up liking a lot. The palette is super, super pigmented and the colors are very pigmented! The orange-iness of some of the colors in the middle row aren’t my favorite just because the color doesn’t really pair well with my fair skin but the other colors are lovely. The color warmth is practically pure orange and cashmere is just a lighter orange so I tend to avoid those two, but flame, shimmer, sunset, and latte are beautiful! I love fireside and crackle as well for darker colors.

Buy this palette if you want a warm, pigmented palette and avoid if you don’t like brown or orange eyeshadow.



Naked Heat

This palette was my go-to for the summer! I used it all the time and it wasn’t overly orangey for my skin tone. My favorite colors to use were he devil, dirty talk, en fuego, and ember. The colors are mostly pink with a little orange and purple, and I love the combination. They are very pigmented and the brush that comes with the palette works excellent for me.

I’d recommend you buy this palette if you like the color scheme and know it would work well for your skin type. It’s very good quality and isn’t as sparkly as most palettes. Most of the colors don’t have the shimmer to them but there are about four colors that do have the sparkle in different shades from light pink to a dark purple. This is a very versatile palette and my favorite from the Naked series.



Becca Eye Lights

This palette is practically all sparkle, so bypass if that is not your style! I got it at Sephora on Black Friday when it was on sale and the colors are really stunning. It isn’t as pigmented as most other palettes (but that may be because I just did swatches of Toasted!) but the colors are very sparkly.

I do really like this palette as more of a natural eye as it is more neutral than some of the other palettes I listed above. The colors are mostly pink, gold, and a little brown with a single silver-ice color. It reminds me of a very New Years Eve type of palette. Once again, if you don’t want to pay for just sparkles, skip this one. Overall, this is a really lovely palette and I’ve used it plenty!



Naked 2

This palette is so pretty! It is a combination of gold, pink, silver, and brown that really are stunning. It is definitely a more neutral, everyday palette that isn’t as pigmented as say Toasted (that palette is SO pigmented!). The most pigmented color in this palette is blackout, the darkest color, and my favorite colors are chopper, tease, suspect, and busted.

This palette is the same quality as the other naked eyeshadows besides naked heat, which I think is a little more pigmented and better quality in terms of the colors and the included brush. Naked 2 is a great option for neutral eyeshadow with lovely colors for any skin type!



Bobbi Brown Caviar & Rubies

I got this palette and I have been using it like crazy, especially that super glittery gold in the center! I have never had an eyeshadow as sparkly as that gold, and I have to be careful because it gets everywhere! It’s very pigmented and a perfect combination of holiday colors from red, blue, purple, pink, brown, and gold! Out of all my palettes, it’s definitely one of the nicer and most high quality in my collection that I generally use for nicer occasions.

I love Bobbi Brown and this palette is no exception to her wonderful makeup line. I would purchase this palette if you want very sophisticated colors as this palette isn’t as much of an everyday look like the Naked palettes or Too Faced.



Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions

I saw this little palette and knew I needed to buy it! It has a nice combination of matte and sparkle in a variety of pink that are very, very lovely. They are definitely very pigmented and all flattering colors that I really love. It can be used for an everyday look and also for the holidays. When I swatched the colors on my wrist, it was one of the few that really stayed the longest on my arm when I was wiping it off so the quality and duration for these colors is fantastic!

Huda Beauty really has some great eyeshadow palette options even in their pocket-size packaging. When you’re in the line checking out at Sephora, grab one of these because they are definitely worth it!



Naked Ultimate Basics

This is the ultimate everyday eyeshadow palette and the colors are awesome! It is very simple with mostly browns, pinks, and purples that are more of a chalky formula, but that didn’t bother me at all. This pairs nicely with my Too Faced Natural Eye, except this palette is all mattes. Each color is pigmented nicely and not too severe for it to lose its classic charm.

If you are looking for an everyday, versatile palette and don’t mind the chalkiness of the formula, then this is the one for you! I find that the colors glide onto the skin very nicely and am excited to try this out for my day make-up!


Time for the categories!


Natural & Every Day: Too Faced Natural Eyes, Naked 3, Naked 2, Naked Ultimate Basics

Holiday & Party: Tartelette Toasted, Naked Heat, Becca Eye Lights, Bobbi Brown Caviar & Rubies, Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions

Very Pigmented and Adventurous Colors: Tartelette Toasted, Naked Heat, Bobbi Brown Caviar & Rubies, Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions

Classic and Subtle Colors: Too Faced Natural Eyes, Naked 3, Naked 2, Naked Ultimate Basics, Becca Eye Lights


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