Bobbi Brown Appreciation

Good morning!

This post today is going to be about one of my favorite make-up brands: Bobbi Brown. Her make-up is always high-quality and never fails me whenever I need pigmented eyeshadow or eyelash-pumping mascara. I use a shade of her eyeshadow for my eyebrows religiously just as the Eye Opening mascara daily.



The Bobbi Brown lipsticks are always my go-to as they stay on all day and all night long! I have a few deep shades of red that are perfect for any classic look. Let me also add that the highlighter and blush from Bobbi Brown is fantastic! My cheeks practically glow whenever I use the two combined with a soft contour from my Fenty stick. I used both for my formal and got so many compliments!







I recommend Bobbi Brown completely! Try out some of her mascara or a lipstick color and you will be in love just like I was from day one!

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 4.55.04 PM


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