Wardrobe Organization

The question is simply: how can I organize my closet in a way that showcases my clothes while still being functional?

In this blog post, I’ll share my tips and tricks for keeping your closet clean and tidy. I completely reorganized my closet recently and I’ve been liking my new system much better than the old way I “organized” my clothes.

Using my old method, I just threw in my clothes in a very free-form structure with jeans and longer shirts or dresses hanging on a top rack and other shirts and shorts on the bottom rack.

Everything was just in my closet in some shape or form, making it more difficult to pick out outfits as I didn’t really have any organization to anything. It made choosing anything a much longer process than it needed to be, resulting with me standing aimlessly in my closet.

I won’t say this doesn’t happen now from time to time but this system has helped me pair my outfits much easier than before. Now I can get into the steps of how I organized my closet from top to bottom! Enjoy!

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One Word: Color

I organized my clothes by color, starting with black and working my way down all the way to pinks and reds. This really helped me be able to group all my shirts into these categories and organize them back into my closet to create a rainbow effect, which made me very happy to have everything match!

I put my skirts on the bottom rack into this color scheme as well, separated from my shirts.

Type Of Clothing

In the groups of colors, I put my heavier items like coats and jackets at the front of each color and worked down from there. This way you would start with say a black coat and end at a black tank top before merging over into a grey sweater. I thought this grouped everything very well and kept the articles of clothing in places where I knew I would be able to locate them quickly.

When I wanted my green Barbour coat, all I had to do was look in my green selection of clothing towards the beginning of that color, and there was my coat! Easy!

To Hang or Not To Hang?

I either hang my clothes or I fold and stack on shelves or in the drawers of my dresser. The rule of thumb I follow for whether or not to hang up an item or to fold it would be how nice of quality is it, does it wrinkle easily, and is more of a comfort clothes item or not.

My t-shirts, long sleeves shirts, sweatpants, athletic shorts, and sweatshirts usually get folded and put away in a drawer while my nicer items like a blouse, trench coat, or anything else a little fancier are hung up in their color section.

I’d recommend stacking and folding items you don’t wear as often to save room for other articles of clothing you want to hang in your closet.

Drawer Dividers

I love using drawer dividers to organize everything! You can get cheap little baskets that fit in your drawers to store anything you want from your socks to your bras. I find these to work well to get the most out of your space and keep everything from turning into a cluttered pile of miscellaneous pieces. Make sure you roll your clothes as well if you want to avoid wrinkles!

Wall of Shoes

From my image, you see that I have a very handy set of shelves to organize some of my clothing and especially all my shoes. If you have the spade, definitely take advantage of your shelves to display your shoes! It is one of the most satisfying experiences to just take in all your shoes on the wall.

I’d recommend investing in some type of shelving for your shoes or setting up a few racks in order to keep them off the floor or piled in a corner because I used to sadly do that all the time.


That is all my closet organization tips for today! Happy Monday!

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