Welcome my lovely readers to Byrd of Passage, my lifestyle blog! 

By reading Byrd of Passage, you’ll learn about my travel adventures, my fashion, and my photography! Follow me on my adventures, and I’ll teach you what I’ve learned from my experience as a college blogger!

I’ve wanted to start blogging for a few years before now, and I’ve had a few attempts as well that never got off the ground. Being young, I felt overwhelmed by all the possibilities and choices I’d have to make to have a successful blog that I didn’t feel like were options for me from paying for a domain to monetizing.

Every blog I followed was pristine, and the individuals behind their blog platform seemed experienced; it all seemed far out of my reach because of my age. They had the funds to do as much as they pleased with their blog, and as a college student, I never felt I would be able to compare to any other blogs out there.

I knew I wanted to blog because the desire never left me so I’ve decided to give it a try. Follow me on my adventures!

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